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The Wedding Ringer

Jimmy provides a very specialized service. He is paid to be the best man at weddings for awkward loners who don't have any friends. He stands by grooms on their wedding day so they won't feel like lonely losers. Doug is one of those awkward loners who needs Jimmy's services. The problem is he has lied about his best friend's name, which now has Jimmy trying to follow along with the lies, and has created nine groomsmen too. After selling this lie to his fiance, Doug now needs Jimmy to help strengthen this house of lies. If it falls, it dooms Doug to losing the love of his life.



Little Boy
Review - Matt Mungle

Every now and then a movie comes along that captures the heart and imagination so much that the feeling stays with you long after the credits roll. LITTLE BOY is one such film. It is possibly the greatest father/son movie ever made and one of the best films I have seen in decades. It is destined to be a classic and one that generations will watch and treasure.




The Age of Adeline
Review - Matt Mungle

We have all fantasized about what it would be like to live forever. To never age. To be the same spry, tight skinned creature that we saw in the mirror of our youth. But what is the downside to all of that. Is it worth the price of seeing our loved ones come and go? To never have the chance to grow old with someone? In THE AGE OF ADELINE we see such a struggle play out before us.