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Edge of Tomorrow
Blu-ray + DVD

Number of discs: 2
Rated: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: October 7, 2014


Sniper: Legacy September 30
Edge of Tomorrow October 7
Obvious Child October 7
X-Men: Days of Future Past October 14
Mr. Peabody & Sherman October 14
The Purge Anarchy October 21


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Book Reviews
Kimberly Simpson

Looking forward to curling up with a good book while your significant other is at the movies with the guys? Kimberly offers insightful tips into what to read and what to leave on the shelf.


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Weekly musings by Matt Mungle




The Judge
Review - Matt Mungle

Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. show that when all is said and done an actors job is to act. Plain and simple. Strip down all the action and special effects. Take away the elaborate story lines and inconceivable plots. If the actor can't act or follow direction then the movie is as good as finished. Expert delivery can sell the most mediocre of scripts.


Dracula Untold
Review - Kathryn Waite

We all get it; vampires right now are all trying to be sexy and brooding. This is not surprising to anyone at this day and age. Interview with a Vampire only started that trend a couple decades ago, but it has been in a frenzy since the Twilight series came into theatres. It has been frustrating at times for the more classic Horror film fans to see so many people fawning over these moody members of the night. But thankfully, we get a few glimpses of what a real vampire from old lore looked like. In Dracula Untold, the film shows us the true terror and might of vampires and also gives us some memorable fight scenes throughout its runtime.


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Review - Kimberly Mungle

If you are a fan of the original children's book like myself, this movie might have peaked your interest. There have been several adaptions of children's books into movies in recent years that have been less than successful so I will admit I was skeptical of this one... I'm happy to report if you are looking for a clean family flick, this one fills the need.


Gone Girl
Review - Matt Mungle

Oscar winning director David Fincher takes on the monumental challenge of converting the worldly popular book GONE GIRL by author Gillian Flynn into a box office contender. This would require not only capturing the depth of the multi dimensional characters, but also weaving the back and forth storyline into a slick thriller that was not only pleasing to the fans but understandable to the newbies. It is David Fincher though, so no worries.


The Good Lie
Review - Matt Mungle

THE GOOD LIE may have taken over eleven years to get from page to screen but during that time writer Margaret Nagle never lost hope. She knew she had a powerful and heart stirring story to tell and it just needed the right people to come along. The tale of the Lost Boys of Sudan has always been an intriguing saga and this current film captures not only their struggle to reach safety but how the passage to America was just another step in a long journey.


The Book of Life
Soundtrack now available on iTunes

Sony Music is pleased to announce the release of the original motion picture soundtrack of The Book of Life. The film has a distinctive Latin American blend of comedy, romance, fantasy and adventure – a combination that the music perfectly captures. The soundtrack is a mix of feel-good, catchy and touching songs, all of them newly recorded for this movie.


Jerusalem In Imax
Available in select markets

This breathtaking documentary gives you a birds eye view along with an intimate description by its natives of Jerusalem. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch (whose voice lends to the majestic nature of the piece) you will get a chance to see this iconic city as never before.


Left Behind

Based on the first couple of chapters of the popular book series, LEFT BEHIND is an intense thrill ride reminiscent of the Airport films of the 70's. A solid script and decent acting make this film the best of the franchise. It doesn't minimalize the rapture but uses it as a powerful backdrop to the action. - Matt Mungle

Click here to listen to my interview with script writer Paul LaLonde.


The Maze Runner
Review - Matt Mungle

Fans of the popular book series THE MAZE RUNNER can finally see their beloved characters come to life on the big screen. The film was supposed to release in February but was pushed back until now. It is safe to say that it was worth the wait for fans of the book series and for those younger adults who want a strong action packed sci-fi flick. Though it has a predominately male cast the teen fan-girls are getting behind the film in droves.


Believe Me
Review - Matt Mungle

There are several things about the modern Christian church that begs to be made fun of. Not in a mean spirited way but rather shining a spotlight on mannerisms, dress, and personality traits that should cause Christians to laugh loudest. The new comedy BELIEVE ME builds a solid story that takes place within the world of Christian ministry. It is not a faith based film but there are plenty of moments that are as poignant as any I have seen or heard on a Sunday gathering.

CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Max Adler


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