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Review: Kimberly Mungle

Okay, here's the deal. There is a lot of chatter in the movie world about all the Oscar nominated flicks out there right now. In fact, the last few movies I've reviewed or even watched are nominated or SHOULD have been... Well... *insert awkward silence* This is not one of those movies. However, the majority of movie-goers out there aren't necessarily looking for a film with Oscar buzz. People just want to be entertained. I'd say this one is entertaining...

Single mama and teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) has recently separated from her cheating husband and on a particularly vulnerable night (and after several glasses of wine) she has a moment of weakness and has some hot steamy relations with her much younger next door neighbor (Ryan Guzman). Young hot neighbor turns out to be a tiny bit obsessive and pretty much a total nut job and stalking and terrorizing ensue.

The characters are SO stereotypical, the acting is meh (although JLo did a pretty good job...) and the plot is beyond predictable. BUT... you will be entertained, if not for the scary moments that have you jumping out of your seat the long-sweaty-moaning sex scene should impress you. I swear JLo must work out ALL.THE.TIME. You won't leave the theater excited to have a deep discussion with your friends - in fact you'll probably forget the movie when it's over. But it's mindless and sometimes that's what we're looking for on a Friday night.

This movie is rated R because is says ALL of the REALLY bad cuss words, it's got a few crazy violent scenes and plenty of T&A. Not for the young ones. Fans of JLo and hot sex will like this film, otherwise, it's one of those that in a few years you'll stop on when your flipping through the cable channels on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
2.5 stars.


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