Five reasons why Captain America: Civil War is better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

1. Humor. Even though there are some dark undercurrents in Civil War that bring about deep seated emotions the characters never lose their wit and ability to entertain. They take themselves only as serious as need be to convincingly deliver the moment. No one laughs in DC films.. ever. 

2. Class. The Avengers are at odds. Hence the Civil War. But they manage to always keep things civil. The respect is always forefront. These are not warring clans hell bent on destroying each other. They happen to be on different sides of an opinion but never lose site of the kindred bond that is a driving force. Even before Civil War there was layers of animosity. But it never gave birth to malicious hatred. Even here they play fairly and not out of personal gain. Batman and Superman will never share a beer... ever. 

3. Motive. 30 minutes into the film and it is perfectly clear to the audience what is causing this riff. If you have never leafed through a comic you are still on the same page as everyone else. There are no hidden ideas that are only found in issue 48 of a random comic. You get it. That allows you to choose a side and high five your way through it. The story is never muddy or undecipherable. It is completely understandable. No one knows why anyone in DOJ is doing anything... ever. 

4. Characters. Civil War brings familiar characters into the fold and allows them the ability to shine in huge ways. It does not hide them in a folder somewhere and only give you brief glimpses and choreographed poses. They are allowed to be funny, heroic, and utilize their gimmicks. The stage is not for those only with their names in the title. It is welcoming and better for it. No one gets to play with Batman and Superman... ever. 

5. Truth. In this installment the Avengers open up quite a bit about how they feel. There are a lot of therapeutic moments that make the characters, their motives, and their likability more prominent. We learn things about them that again helps solidify and validate the decisions they make. Like any family they have words, get angry, and sometimes the healing takes time. Just like life. Batman or Superman never share their feelings... ever.


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