PG-13  |  123 min  |  Action, Adventure, Comedy
Review - Matt Mungle

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SynopsisA secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

Review: Never have I seen such anger, hostility, and inner fighting before. And that is just among film critics! Many different opinions are surfacing regarding the new action flick, SUICIDE SQUADThere are basic things to know going in but once the smoke clears fans should be pretty happy with the level of entertainment brought forth in this one. 

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has convinced the US government to let her put together a group of incarcerated Supervillians to help elevate the nations security forces. Special forces agent Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) has been tasked with getting this motley crew to follow the rules and get the job done. And that job is take out a wicked witch (Cara Delevingne) and her Tut loving brother before they destroy the world. 

There are several unnecessary characters in this one but thankfully the main ones carry the weight of the action and dialogue. Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) are made for the big screen and are super entertaining. Smith brings a charm and sarcastic demeanor that makes Deadshot deadly but also human. His motivations and drive are at times touching and endearing. Quinn on the other hand is just plain nuts. But wow will you love her. Her dementia makes The Joker look like an alter boy. Robbie uses her psychotic grin and impish stare to seduce and terrify at the same time. But she doesn't go so far that you lose the comic styling. It is a subtle wink as if to say, "it's ok, we are just playing".

Davis is one of the most talented dramatic actresses of our time but she has no problem embracing this genre and giving us a ruthless agent that gets your attention immediately. She uses that same glaring gaze that we have seen in her past roles but here it  burns even deeper. These are the moments that the movie shines. Kinnaman gives us that gritty side he used on THE KILLING and less of the clean cut politician from HOUSE OF CARDS. I really like that guy and was pleased to see what he did with this. 

Other things that make this a fun time at the theater? The soundtrack which is a mix of some great rock anthems that elevate the personas of the onscreen characters. The costume design and make up pop off the screen when applied the bleaker grey of the scenery. DC is a dark comic and gone are the Popsicle colors and happy tones of the Marvel Universe. DC characters live and move in a different world all together.

But this is not a perfect film and some of the negative feedback is warranted. The main opponent that the Supervillians are trying to take down is one of the worst to attack a city in forever. Enchantress (Delevingne) moves like a spastic hula girl and is neither scary or pleasing to watch. Her back story is solid but how they flesh her out on screen is ludicrous. Poor Cara does her best but it is pitiful to watch.  Also I was a little disappointed in The Joker (Jared Leto). Leto has the skills and does create a menacing transformation. But he was too maniacal and needed a tad more controlled fury. Maybe we do not see him enough to appreciate what he is doing. Could be it was a set up for future films. 

SUICIDE SQUAD is rated PG - 13 for sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language. Parents should know that this is a dark film and the violence and themes are not what you get with the Avengers. As mentioned this is a darker universe. Lots of fun though and one that you will enjoy if you go in with the right attitude. I give it 3 out of 5 pigtails. Quinn and Deadshot are worth the price of admission. 

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