R | 2h 9min | Drama
Review - Matt Mungle

**In select theaters including Magnolia in Dallas and the Plano Angelika April 1st 2016**

French with English Subtitles

SynopsisParis, 1920s. Marguerite Dumont is a wealthy woman, lover of the music and the opera. She loves to sing for her friends, although she's not a good singer. Both her friends and her husband have kept her fantasy. The problem begins when she decides to perform in front of a real audience.

Review: MARGUERITE is such a fanciful and whimsical tale full of superb, quirky characters that are delightfully engaging. The script is dramatic but with such light banter and free spirited movement that it never feels heavy or tense. Fans of foreign flicks will eat this up with pleasure. 

Marguerite Dumont (Catherine Frot) lives in a castle and frequently throws benefit gatherings for her music loving friends. The highlight of the event is always a song performed by Dumont. The issue? She can't sing at all. It is really bad. But no one ever says anything. In fact most, especially her loyal Butler (Denis Mpunga), continue to try and encourage her. When a self motivated journalist pens a few kind words she really begins to think she is ready to hit the big leagues. Much to the chagrin of her caring husband (Andre Marcon). 

Frot is superb as the Nora Desmond type character. I am not sure the skill needed to sing off key perfectly but she nails it. You sort of feel sad for her but never do you pity her. She isn't the butt of any jokes but rather a well liked lady those around her are trying to protect from the truth. 

The supporting cast is amazing and every part of this film fires on all cylinders. It is a must see for those drawn to period pieces (set in 1920's Paris) and those who desire rich well thought out characters and plot lines. It is rated R for brief graphic nudity and sexual content, and a scene of drug use. Totally an adult film with a French flair. Nothing is flagrant or crude. But there are a few moments that may catch English audiences off guard. But they are fast and non intrusive. I give it 4 out of 5 A flats. Such a refreshing film.

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