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Review - Matt Mungle

In select theaters Friday, May 29
RESULTS is a funny, quirky film that combines off beat characters with the fitness fanatic mentality giving it a unique and easy to laugh at story line. The actors completely sell the roles they are given. Though familiar faces they blend into the onscreen personifications so that you see them in a brand new light.

Trevor (Guy Pearce) owns a gym in TX with dreams of expanding his wellness/spiritual vision.  Kat (Cobie Smulders) is the gyms top, focused, workout obsessed trainer. When she takes on a new, eccentric client named Danny (Kevin Corrigan) both her and Trevor find they have their hands full with his odd ways.  

Each of these three characters, Trevor, Kat, and Danny bring their own blend of comic timing and mannerisms. Corrigan is brilliant in the way he nonchalantly moves through each scene. Danny is separated from his wife and just inherited a ton of cash with no idea what to do with it. So when he takes on Kat as a trainer it is as much out of boredom as anything. Part of him wants to get in shape to win back his wife but mainly he just wants something to do. 

Kat is that person we all know or have known. Her A-type personality combined with an overzealous workout ethic makes her a walking time bomb. She expects the same drive and determination from her clients and will accept nothing less. In fact she approaches every relationship as if it is just a set of reps to get through. Danny's do it or not personality is enough to make her crazy. Then there is Trevor. He walks in an aura of well being. Never yells or gets upset. He has a great vision but isn't the best at business. Pearce pumps up for this film and totally encapsulates the muscle bound stereotype. 

Although the comedy centers around the workouts and gym there is also a lot of relationship issues going on. Danny likes Kat who used to be in a relationship with Trevor. Trevor still likes her but has a hard time dealing with her neurotic behavior. Plus he feels it hinders their working relationship. The three of them create a dance of humor, warmth, and flirtation that makes this a solid comedy.  

RESULTS is rated R for language, some sexual content and drug use. It is an adult film with strong language and mature themes. That said it is a far cry for the raunchy Ra rated comedies we are normally given. The characters embrace the mature themes and use them as a foundation and not just to shock or be cutting edge. Older audiences who have ever had a trainer or frequented a gym will find it even funnier. It makes fun with out being snide. It takes the recognizable characteristics and just amps them up a bit. I give it 4 out of 5 protein shakes. A surprise hit with fantastic characters.

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